Invest in multifamily through short-term real estate debt that yield high returns.

Multifamily Redevelopment
Reg CF
Bluelofts CF I
min $5,000
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Investment Terms
Coupon: 10%
Payment: Quarterly
Term: 12 Month
Min Inv: $5,000
Holding period: 12 months
Investor Type:
Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors
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Short-term, high-yield real estate debt investments accessible to all.
Earn a 10% annual coupon.
Collateralized by multifamily & mixed-use properties.
Bluelofts CF I offerings take priority in payback over underlying common equity.
Multifamily assets consistently generate higher risk-adjusted returns compared to other property types.
Designed for everyday real estate investors, no need to be accredited.
$5k min investment & quarterly distributions.


The Bluelofts CF I offering is a 10% annual interest bond backed by fractional real estate debt investment product that provides a unique opportunity to combine short-term real estate investments with attractive returns for a min of $5000 and available to everyone. The Offering aims to offer investors a stable income stream while also protecting their capital with the backing of real estate. Additionally, our target investments have a higher payback priority compared to common equity property owners.

The Reasons to Invest in Resibond 12

Steady Cash Flow

Bluelofts CF 1 offer provides an opportunity for anyone to increase their monthly passive income, regardless of their financial background or means. It allows individuals to dip their toes in the real estate investment pool.

Minimum Investment

CF offerings provide an attractive investment opportunity with high yield returns and minimal start-up costs. With just $5000, you can invest in our bond offering backed by real estate assets, ensuring a secure investment.

Payback Priority

Bluelofts CF I investment options provide superior payback priority over common equity property owners. The objective of Bluelofts CF is to offer investors a reliable and risk-adjusted income stream with capital protection.