The best returns come from investing in yourself

Boost Your Success as a Real Estate agent or consultant with Bluelofts Affiliate Program. Join today to prioritize your clients, close more deals like never before and enhance your earnings through equity ownership.

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Close more deals, build your wealth

Earn referral fees and equity by connecting building owners interested in partnering with Bluelofts. Receive payouts ranging from $50-$250k per transaction. Evolve from agent to owner and grow your wealth!

One-of-a-kind opportunity

Connect interested property owners, buyers, and lenders looking to convert their buildings into housing with Bluelofts. Earn up to $250k referral fee per property, which you can reinvest in the deal.

Close 2x more deals

Maximize your potential for closing deals and expanding your wealth by capitalizing on co-investment prospects alongside Bluelofts. Convert a portion of your referral fee into shares of the deal.

Build equity ownership.

Boost your credibility by participating in significant development projects, accumulating equity to build your portfolio, and earning income while gaining appreciation.

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Anyone in real estate or finance, including agents, property managers, dealmakers, advisors, and CPAs, can apply! Once submitted, we'll review your application within 24 hours.


Share the office-to-residential business model with your network and earn a referral fee for each client or property you bring in.


Earn up to $250k in referral fees per client referral, which can be converted into GP shares of the deal and contribute to building your wealth.

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